Product Warranty

 Commitment to our customers

Any problem encountered during using Hantop products can be submitted directly to our after-sales service team online or by email:
We will respond as soon as possible, Normally you will hear back from us within 24 hours.

Warranty clauses 

  • Within 30-days from the date of sale, the product itself and the package are complete and the appearance of the product is not damaged. Consumers can return the product without reason.
  • If the performance fault occurs within 180-day from the date of sale, consumers may choose to replace or repair.
  • The user should provide the corresponding purchase order number and shipping information when a warranty is being asked.
  • Hantop will be responsible for the hardware faults of Hantop products caused by the normal use during the warranty period
  • The warranty period starts from the date of purchase of the products or the receipt date of the logistics. the repaired products will continue to enjoy warranty service during the warranty period.
  • The faulty parts from the products will be owned by Hantop, and the appropriate cost will be charged if necessary. fi the products under maintenance have been updated and can't be repaired, then the buyer can choose a refund.

Non-warranty clauses 

  • The user cannot provide the corresponding purchase order number or invoice, shipping documents, or other vouchers.
  • The faulty parts belong to the consumption materials, such as the shell the natural consumption wear, and aging of the plug parts.
  • Faulty or damage caused by improper installation, operation, or use in an abnormal environment. 
  • Faulty or damage caused by accident or by human.
  • Faulty or damage caused by force majeure( such as earthquake, fire, lightning, etc).
  • Damage caused by self-repairment.
  • Other faculties or damages not caused by product design, technology, manufacturing, quality, etc.
  • Factory production test and operation, etc.

If you need to return the goods, please contact sustomer service to confirm the return information.

Note: Our company reserves the right to explain and modify the warranty information of the product within the scope of the law.

Contact information
TEL: ‪(919) 635-6752‬
(If we didn' t answer your calls, please leave message)

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